Non Invasive Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster

Get the glass skin of your dreams with our trio formulations - Hydrating, Whitening, Firming.

If you haven’t heard, “glass skin’ is basically having complexion so flawless that your skin appears as smooth and translucent as glass. Now this is achieved by ensuring your skin is extremely well hydrated, because moisturised skin = healthy skin = a properly functioning barrier that’ll protect against environmental nasties. Well hydrated skin is also more resilient, and tends to be less prone to wrinkles and looks more vibrant.

Treating your skin from deep within and no we’re not talking about injections- our skin booster is a needle free version of the conventional skin boosters treatment which involves injections which can mean mild pain, swelling and downtime.

Add elixir into your current daily regime to boost the effect of your current skincare. Our skin boosters helps to repair your skin’s protective barrier, restore skin’s texture and brighten up your overall complexion. It is extremely lightweight, absorbed easily and blend well with your make up.